Fiat Chrysler SGW Security GateWay information

Er gældende for: Fiat/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM//Dodge - udvalgte 2018> modeller

Bestemte 2018 modeller indeholder en ny såkaldt Security GateWay (SGW).
Denne styreenhed isolerer køretøjs CAN-BUS, infotainment (radio) CAN-BUS og diagnosestik CAN-BUS (EOBD).
Det It also prevents aftermarket dealer tools such as FiCOM to perform any active diagnostic routines such as clearing fault codes, perform actuators, ECU programming, etc.

The only tool capable of diagnostics via OBD-II is the dealer tool, which authenticates bi-directionaly the gateway using strong cryptography algorithms. Paid registration and online access to the factory server is required.

Via OBD-II (on 2018+) it is possible only to read DTCs / identificaion / view live data and do autoscan. Performing any active diagnosis such as clearing DTCs, actuators, coding, or configuration is not possible with exception to SGW ECU.

There is currently no 100% solution to this problem. In case you need to diagnose vehicle with SGW, please contact us on our support e-mail. It is possible to diagnose such vehicle using direct CAN-BUS connection to either CAN-C or CAN-B network.

Security gateway (SGW) ECU presence

Please note that only 2018+ model years of listed models have SGW ECU installed ! Earlier model years are not affected by this issue.